Make A Splash With These Luxury Swimming Pool Trends For 2021

What’s a multimillion-dollar home without a luxury swimming pool? A custom swimming pool will not only increase your property value; it provides an escape, even on bad days. To make the most out of your backyard, we dove into the deep end to find the hot swimming pool trends for 2021. Here’s a closer look:

A window into the deep

Transparent pool walls will continue to be one of the most popular pool trends, even in 2021. You can choose glass or acrylic, but the latter is far better as it is lighter, more durable and has higher impact-resistance. Acrylic pool walls create a surreal and stunning view and are ideal for luxury homes with a minimalist edge. For a dazzling effect, most homeowners install them on lap or above-ground pools.

You can also get creative and use them to bring views of the swimming pool inside, like this $18-million villa near Barcelona, Spain.

Bedroom windows looking into a swimming pool

The bedroom window of this luxury villa-style home in Spain look into the depths of the swimming pool.

Raising the (water) curtain

Water curtains are the perfect feature for those seeking a private backyard paradise. Also known as rain descent, water curtains are cascading fountain features that can elevate your backyard to a work of art. Water curtains are gaining popularity in urban areas, where space may be limited, but they can also add an extra spice to larger properties with extra room.

You can also use a water curtain to divide the pool from a bar, sitting area or spa. This $15.99-million, Los Angeles-area home uses a cascading waterfall feature to create division between the pool and a raised spa.

luxury swimming pool los angeles home 932 Rivas Canyon Road

A cascading waterfall feature creates a modest privacy screen between the swimming pool and raised spa.

In style with tile

There are three options for tilework and swimming pools: natural stone, ceramic, and glass. Regardless of medium, the different types of tile allow for unique designs, even minimalist ones. You can choose various styles, but in 2021, some of the most popular options are iridescent, mosaic, and Moroccan. Mosaic-style tiles are another type that never seems to go out of fashion—even in spas of ancient times, the tile was a sign of luxury. In this $46-million home in the Los Angeles area, mosaic-style tiles turn this indoor swimming pool and spa into a work of art.

indoor swimming pool bel air luxury 277 st pierre

Mosaic tilework creates visual interest in the indoor pool and spa are at this $46-million home in Bel-Air, California.

Dipping into indoor luxury

Some of the most expensive (and elaborate) swimming pools in the world are found indoors. With an indoor pool, you can take a swim in winter and enjoy the snowy landscape from the inside. They can be placed next to glass windows or wholly concealed from the outside world. Building indoors is also great for custom luxury pools as it enables you to complete freedom without any privacy concerns.

The Geller thermal baths in Budapest or the Umaid Bhawan Palace in India are two high-profile examples of grand indoor pools. For a residential version, check out the eye-catching indoor lap pool at this futuristic-vibe home in Switzerland designed SAOTA Architecture and Design.

indoor lap pool SAOTA modern home cologny switzerland

Automated curtains conceal the subdued indoor swimming pool at the SAOTA-designed home in Switzerland.

Pool tech gets smart

For more practical homeowners, smart pool systems are a must. You can build a smart pool from scratch, but it’s also an easy way to update an existing one. With smart pool systems, you can control lights, covers, temperature and even outdoor entertainment systems like this $38-million home in Calabasas, Calif. You can also add an automatic pool cleaner that can be controlled via WiFi or programmed to clean on a schedule.

Smart pools reduce work for homeowners to a minimum, providing maximum pleasure. And at the end of the day, maximum pleasure is what it’s all about.

luxury smart home swimming pool 25354 pardo de la felicidad calabasas

Smart home systems are used to control the lights and outdoor entertainment amenities at the Los Angeles-area home.

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