HOME BUYING: Ready to Make Your Move

Buying a home can be incredibly stressful and at the same time very exciting. It’s on the short list of life’s most important decisions, so it’s not one to be taken lightly. If you do your homework and align yourself with a trusted advisor, the home-buying process can be very rewarding.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you make the leap:

  • Check your credit score, talk to a mortgage broker.
  • Choose a home you will love for years to come not one that you love for the right-now.
  • Consider all of the variables like schools, taxes, access to public transportation, walkability factor.
  • Budget for improvements: if the home is going to require some renovations, factor that into your bottom line.
  • Think Local: Do your research but consider the local market and what’s happening in your neighborhood. There might be a splashy headline (good or bad) about real estate at a national level. All that matters when you are buying or selling a home is what is happening in your neighborhood.
  • Don’t assume everything is included with the home purchase. Be specific about asking about light fixtures, window coverings and appliances. Put your request in writing and make sure to describe the item in question in full detail, like brand of the appliance. Make the listing agent confirm this in writing as well.

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