Best Time of the Year to Buy Anything for Your Home

It seems there is always something you need to buy for your home. Quality and cost count when you’re shopping, especially for those big-ticket items. That’s why Willis Allen Real Estate has created a guide for when to buy anything for your home.

Best times to purchase items for your home
Generally, January and holidays are optimal for many products. Also, as a rule of thumb, buying things “out of season” will often get you a good deal. Read on for more specific tips!

Cookware: April and Memorial Day Weekend

Graduation and wedding season means deals on pots and pans.

Flooring: December and January

The “quiet” months for flooring retailers and installers due to the holidays, mid-December to January are your best bets for fantastic floor finds and savings.

Furniture: January and July

Manufacturers roll out their new lines in February and August. So, you can save around 50% if you look the month before when stores are clearing out inventory.

Grills and Smokers: July and August

Make your move on a new grill when summer starts to fade and stores look toward the holiday lineup. Sales peak around Labor Day.

HVAC equipment: March, April, October and November

For furnaces and air conditioning systems, the best time to buy is when you don’t need them – generally months with moderate temps.

Lawn Mowers: August and September

You may see sales kicking off the season in April. However, the best deals on lawn items are at the end of summer.Best time of year to buy anything for your home.

Linens and Towels: January

You can find the age-old “white sale” at department stores at the beginning of the year for mark-downs on high-quality bedding and towels. If what you want is out of stock, many stores offer rain checks so you can still get the sale price.

Major Appliances: January, September, October, and the holidays

Find last year’s models on discount before newer ones come in (except for refrigerators). If you want top-of-the-line, wait for Black Friday and the holidays when stores offer bargains on new models. You might also encounter “twofer” deals for buying multiple items.

Mattresses: February and May

Rule number one: never pay full price for a mattress. It feels like you can’t turn the corner without running into a mattress sale. But, the best times to buy are the months of President’s Day and Memorial Day. Look for coupons at department stores for additional savings. However, you’ll find the biggest savings at specialty chains, typically up to 50%. Rule number two: don’t bother with price shopping. Manufacturers have deals with retailers on specific models. So, you’ll only find a cheaper price on a different mattress.

Paint: January, May, July, November, and December

Determined by temperature and demand, the coldest and hottest months are best for purchasing paint.

Perennials: September

As a perishable item, end-of-season is great for savings on perennials. Tip: independent gardening stores usually offer more savings than the big chains.

Best time of year to buy anything for your home.

Power Tools: June and December

Power tool savings happen just in time for Father’s Day and Christmas.

Refrigerators: May

New refrigerator models come out in May, unlike other big appliances. Combined with Memorial Day sales, May is a merry month for getting a new fridge.

Roofing: May or winter

While the cost of materials is lowest in May, contractor rates start increasing after March. If you’re using a professional, consider a wintertime installation.

Storage Essentials: January and August

Organization overhaul takes place during back-to-school and post-holiday months. You can find great prices and free shipping on shelves, baskets, and all your organizational needs.

TVs and Electronics: January, March, August, and holidays

There are good buying times for electronics in January and March prior to new model releases. But, you’ll probably find the best deals on specific holidays. Think Super Bowl, back-to-school, Black Friday, the day after Christmas, and Amazon Prime Day (July 16 in 2019).

Vacuums: April and May

Best time of year to buy anything for your home.

Discounts on the previous year’s models happen before June when new vacuums hit the market.

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