5 Tips to Spruce Up Your Home for Spring


Spring is in the air, and we are in love with houses in bloom! Whether you are staging your home to sell it or just want to give it a seasonal cleaning, here are 5 ways to freshen up your space for spring.

Prep Your Patio

Get your outdoor space ready spring. Clean, fertilize and cultivate any neglected areas of your backyard. Create a room for grilling and dining. Built-in cooktops, pizza ovens and seating offer a luxurious atmosphere for guests or potential buyers, if you’re ready to tackle a bigger project.

Clear Away The Clutter

As you spring clean your home, purge it of any unnecessary junk. Getting rid of the extra stuff around you will make your home feel lighter, larger and cleaner. Donate excess furniture, electronics, household items, clothing and shoes to charity. Check with your local waste disposal service or recycling plant for items that can be recycled.

Buy A Spring Coat – Of Paint!

It’s amazing what a fresh paint job will do for the interior or exterior of a home. A new exterior trim color is a standard prescription for improving curb-appeal. Paint or stain your front door to accent the new or existing trim color. An often-overlooked but easy DIY project with a big pay-off is a paint touch-up of all baseboards, trim and molding. If you’re feeling ambitious, replace your trim completely with wider boards to add a modern edge to your rooms. For a smaller paint project, take an old piece of furniture and refinish it in a pastel hue for an Easter-ready look.

Acquire An Accent

Pillows, accent rugs, plants and décor are easily swapped out for springtime style. Bright hues, floral prints, and any greenery will freshen up your space – and your mood.

Do Seasonal Chores

Though you’re probably ready to leave all thoughts of winter behind, now is the time to take care of yearly house work in preparation for the year ahead. Clean your roof and gutters; power wash driveways and walkways; clean refrigerator coils and dryer vents; check for clogged drains and leaky pipes; seal any openings where insects or creatures might get in; reseal windows; and prepare your air conditioning system for warmer weather.

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